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Ephesians Ch. 4  Live out the oneness with believers that comes from oneness with Christ.

v.1-3    Walk worthy of God’s high calling of oneness in Christ by walking in:
v.2 humility: Keep a modest opinion of yourself.
v.2 gentleness: Don’t be inclined to anger or resentment.
v.2 longsuffering: Bear harmful or hurtful things patiently.
v.2 bearing with one another in love: Don’t stop relating to others with love because of differences of opinion, temperament, and so forth.
v.3 peace: Guard your oneness by pursuing peace with one another.

v.4-6    Walk according to your true reality.

v.7-10  Jesus won the victory over everything that hinders oneness, and He gives us grace so we can contribute to oneness.

v.11-12  He gives us grace to serve, to equip, and to edify the body of Christ.

v.13-16  Members of the body of believers share the same goals—to grow up in all things into Christ and to do our share of edifying the body in love.

v.17-19  We should no longer walk aimlessly in ignorance and hardness of heart, producing in our lives what is unclean.

v.20-21  We haven’t learned that lifestyle from Christ.

v.22-24  Be renewed in the spirit (driving force) of your mind: put off corruption and deceitful lusts (satisfying them won’t give you what you want), and put on true righteousness and holiness.

v.25-32  Change your conduct toward one another to be consistent with oneness and goodness.
v.25  Put away lying because we are members of one another.
v.26  Put limitations on anger.
v.27  Don’t let the devil use anger to hurt you or others.
v.28  Don’t steal, but work to have something to give those in need.
v.29  Don’t speak words that tear down, but speak what is good to edify.
v.30  Don’t cause the Holy Spirit sorrow.
v.31  Put away resentment and hostility in every form.
v.32  Be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving toward one another.

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