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James  A trouble-shooting guide for the Christian life: Apply the wisdom of God to the problems of man.

Chapter 1  Be blessed with faith.

v.1-4  Count trials as opportunities to grow in faithful endurance—in staying power—and to reap all of the benefits that arise from it, moving you toward a more complete Christian character.

v.5-8  Ask God for wisdom when you lack it, without doubting, and you will receive it.

v.9-11  Faith is a great equalizer:  the true riches of the lowly brother and of the rich man both lie in their relationship with Christ.

v.12-18  Don’t be deceived into thinking that God tempts us to sin; on the contrary, He gives us every good and perfect gift, beginning with eternal life.

v.19-20  Stay ready and willing to hear God’s word, reserve your opinion until you understand it well, and don’t get angry in discussions of it, because anger does no good.

v.21  Lay aside sin that pollutes and corrupts your soul, and receive the instruction of God’s word, which can save it.

v.22-25  Be blessed by not only hearing God’s word, but by doing what it says in your daily life.

v.26-27  True faith provides the power to bridle your tongue, the compassion to help orphans and widows in distress, and the motivation to keep yourself unspotted by the world.

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