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Titus:  The true reflection of sound doctrine and sound faith, will be a sound life.

Ch. 3 Exhort believers to maintain good works.    (v.1, 8, 14)

v.1-7  Remind believers to relate to one another according to the new person that they are in Christ:
v.1  Be subject to authorities in all things that don’t oppose God and His ways.
v.1  Be ready for every good work.
v.2  Speak evil of no one.
v.2  When others wrong you, be peaceable—not contentious or quarrelsome, and gentle—not aggressively defending yourself or your rights.
v.3  Don’t live unwisely, without a proper understanding of what is suitable.
v.3  Don’t disobey the truth or be deceived about what it is.
v.3  Don’t serve worldly or selfish lusts and pleasures.
v.3  Don’t live harboring any malice or envy toward anyone.
v.3  Don’t strongly dislike or harbor ill will toward one another.

v.8  Constantly affirm that believers should be careful to maintain good works.

v.9-11  Avoid foolish disputes because they are unprofitable and useless, and reject divisive people after the second admonition.

v.12-15  Let all believers learn to maintain good works and to meet urgent needs.


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