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Hebrews Ch. 6  Go past first things, on to “perfection” (exactly what God wants).

v.1-6  Don’t lay down, again and again, the foundation of truth, as if it were possible for some to fall away from believing the truth, and then to be restored.

v.7-8  Hearing and using the word is blessed by God, but receiving the word and still producing what is useless or harmful, is not.

v.9-12a  Show diligence in your work and labor of love, and don’t become sluggish.

v.12b-16  Imitate those who, through faith and patience, inherit the blessings that God has sworn to give them.

v.17-18  God wanted us to be so certain of His promises, that He swore to give them to us (and it is impossible for God to lie).

v.19-20  So have strong faith in Jesus’ completed work and in God’s promise to be with you, to work in your heart and life, and to bless you with His presence.

Application: How do we go on to perfection?
Leave the discussion of first things, and go on to perfection (completeness). (v.1)
Hear and apply the word of God.
Minister to the saints (work). (v.10)
Show diligence in your labor of love. (v.10-11)
Don’t become sluggish. (v.12)
Imitate those who walk by faith. (v.12)
Have strong faith in Jesus’ completed work.

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