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Hebrews Ch. 2 Don’t neglect so great a salvation: Jesus is restoring us from a life of bondage to a life crowned with glory and honor.

v.1-4 Give the more earnest heed to what God has told us through His Son, lest you drift away from the truth you have heard.

v.5-8, 9 God wants mankind to have lives that are crowned with glory and honor—Jesus is indispensable to that plan.

v.9-10 God’s fitting plan for Jesus, as the Captain of our salvation, was for Him to taste death for everyone.

v.11-13 Now Jesus and God’s children are all of one, and are brethren, and Jesus ministers to us.

[Jesus sanctifies us (v.11), He declares God’s Name to us (v.12), He will sing praises to God in our midst (v.12), He teaches us to trust God as He does (v.13), and He stays with us (v.13).]

v.14-15 Through His death, Jesus destroyed the devil who had the power of death, and He released us from a lifetime of bondage to fear.

v.16-18 Jesus helps believers:

1) as a merciful and faithful High Priest, He made propitiation (satisfaction of sin’s penalty) for our sins, and

2) as One who has suffered temptations Himself, He knows how to help us overcome temptations that threaten the life that God wants us to live.


Don’t Neglect So Great a Salvation  (Hebrews 2:3)

When we place our faith in Jesus, God places us into a partnership, a union, with Christ. It is because of His righteousness that we can draw close to God. We will never grow spiritually to a place where we no longer need Jesus. There will never be a time when we can approach God without Him. From the point of our salvation, Jesus remains our High Priest forever.

As our great High Priest, Jesus is our Partner in all things pertaining to our relationship with God—approaching Him, talking to Him, having fellowship with Him, receiving guidance from Him, and becoming strengthened and enabled by Him. Jesus supplies what we need for this life with God, such necessities as strength, compassion, self-restraint, courage, and so forth.  Jesus Himself becomes our Resource, our supply line, for all virtue. Jesus completes us in the sight of God. He makes us perfect—filled to the full1, lacking "nothing necessary for completeness."2

Considering who this great Person is with whom we have a constant personal relationship, let us go on to perfection, that is, progress toward being and living exactly what God wants. Jesus will work in us, as long as we cooperate with Him, until there is nothing in us that inhibits Godly love, doing good, or realizing God’s purpose for our lives. Jesus will work in us Christlikeness, a sharing in His virtues until His life and qualities are being lived out in our relationships and circumstances.

With Jesus holding our hand, where can’t we go in God’s name? With Jesus supplying the virtues, what can’t we become in Him that will help us fulfill God’s plan for our lives? Jesus leads us according to His high standards, according to His meaningful and purposeful aspirations, and according to His great compassion for people. Let’s live the life He has in mind for us—“life with God.” Don’t neglect so great a salvation.

Copyright © 2014 by Beebe Kauffman


1. Larry Pierce, The Online Bible, CD-ROM (Winterbourne, Ontario: Larry Pierce, 2007), Hebrews 2:10.
2. Ibid., root of “perfect.”


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