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Every time I study a book of the Bible, I find reasons to think it could be one of my favorites. But the Gospel of John is my favorite of all. It showcases the person and ministry of Jesus in ways that are unique, even compared to the other three gospels. John Ch. 4 shows us a glimpse of the heart of Jesus. He traveled to a well where He could talk to a woman who came that day to draw water, and He stayed to minister to the people of the town where she lived. The three sets of application statements (What does God want us to know, or to do?) or phrases show various perspectives on the chapter.

The word “believe” is in the Gospel of John more than any other book in the Bible, and “Believe in Jesus” is the message and the invitation of this beloved book.

Gospel of John:  Believe in Jesus—Get to know Him, choose Him for yourself, and live in union and fellowship with Him.

John Ch. 4  Sowing the word reaps a harvest of belief.

v.1-6 God may send you to sow the word to someone standing in the Valley of Decision.

v.7-15 Offer them the word; it is living water that springs up into everlasting life.

v.16-18 Help them to realize that God knows them personally.

v.19-26 Tell them that God is seeking sincere worshipers who know Him for who He is.

v.27-30 Tell others what you know about Jesus, and invite them to come to Him.

v.31-38 Be involved in finishing the work of sowing and reaping that others have started.

v.39-42 The harvest that we are looking for, is personal faith in Jesus.

v.43-54 Count on God to supply whatever else people need to believe in Him.


OR  Ch. 4 God’s witness is personal.

v.1-26 Appeal to people on a common level of interest, and give them the truth.

v.27-30 Share the personal evidence that God has given you.

v.31-38 Witness, because God has prepared hearts to believe.

v.39-42 Give out God’s word so that those who hear it, will believe in Jesus.

v.43-54 Trust God’s personal touch to provide whatever else people need to come to faith in Jesus.


OR  Ch. 4 The Witness of the Word

v.1-6 The Valley of Decision      

v.7-26 The Woman of Samaria     

v.27-30 The Result of Her Faith     

v.31-38 The Laborers of the Harvest

v.39-42 The Confession of Faith

v.43-54 The Power of the Word and the Message of His Works


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