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What can we learn from Hebrews Ch.11, about the life of faith that God wants us to live?

Hebrews Chapter 11  Live by great faith.

v.1-3      A life of faith becomes a testimony of things which are not visible.

v.4-6      Offer to God a life that is pleasing to Him.

v.7-12     Act on what God tells you to do, and live as having seen the fulfillment of His promises.

v.13-16   Live as strangers and pilgrims on the earth, desiring a better, that is, a heavenly homeland.

v.17-19  Withhold nothing from God, counting Him able to bring life out of death (for you).

v.20-22  Trust God, even for future blessings whose fulfillment will be realized beyond your lifetime.

v.23-27  By faith, operate according to Godly values, not worldly ones, and endure as seeing Him who is invisible.

v.28-29   By faith, accept God’s provision for salvation, and see the defeat of your enemies.

v.30-35a Do what God leads you to do, and believe Him for victory and for life.

v.35b-40 By the power of faith, endure sufferings, believing God for a better reality to come—one that by comparison, makes the sufferings small.

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