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Matthew Chapter 12

The book of Matthew has some of my favorite application. Chapter 12 helps us to understand Jesus’ ministry to us today.

Matthew Ch.12  Don’t be blind to, or bound from, the greatness of Jesus’ ministry.
                                             (blinded by legalism or Satan)
                                                                   (bound by Satan, evil, refusing the truth, or lack of repentance)


v.1-13    Don’t be so legalistic, that you can’t be directed by Jesus to do good (v.12)
                              and to be kind and helpful (v.7), and to be used of Him to heal (v.10),
                              to rescue (v.11), and to restore as whole (v.13).

v.14-21  Jesus’ ministry is greater than gaining fame or winning arguments—
                              He ministers God’s Word to us, all the way to healing and victory.

                     Jesus ministers: He teaches us the truth, He conforms our hearts to the truth
                     that we have learned, and He gives us an opportunity to apply the truth by leading us
                     into different situations, experiences and relationships.
                              v.20  He is gentle with those who are weakened, crushed, or barely “burning.
                              v.20  He wins victory through sowing and cultivating the truth.
                              v.21  He is Someone we can trust.

v.22-30  Jesus’ authority and power are greater than Satan’s:
                              He can bind Satan so that those who were blind and mute, both see and speak.

v.31-37  Take to heart the inner Witness of God concerning Jesus because
                              it makes a difference that goes down to the very core of who we are,
                              and is evidenced by the words that proceed from that core.

v.38-40  God’s “sign” to us that confirms the certainty of all that He tells us,
                              is Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

v.41-42  Jesus is a greater Prophet than Jonah—repent at His preaching;
                              Jesus is a greater and wiser King than Solomon—go out of your way to hear Him.

v.43-45  Fill your heart and mind with the truth that Jesus teaches you,
                              because rejecting it can bind you to a growing wickedness.

v.46-50  Follow through, on Jesus’ ministry to you, all the way to doing the Father’s will. 


Copyright © 2009 by Beebe Kauffman

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