The Health of the Soul

            The essentials for a healthy soul are the same as for a healthy body—diet, exercise, and rest. The diet of the soul is what it “eats,” what it feeds on, what it takes into the mind and heart. A soul digests thoughts and principles. The soul’s food is that by which it is nourished, energized, and sustained.6

            The diet of a healthy soul is the word of God. First Peter 2:2 tells us to “desire the sincere milk of the word” (KJV) that we may grow spiritually. Jeremiah 3:15 says that God will give us pastors (KJV), or shepherds (NKJV), who will feed us with knowledge and understanding. God nourishes our souls with His word.

            Diet alone isn’t enough for a healthy soul. Good health also requires exercise. Once our souls feed on the word of God, we need to exercise what we have heard—use it, practice it, apply it in our daily lives. The following verses from Deuteronomy and Kings include the phrase “with all your (‘their’ or ‘his’) soul.” These verses give us insight as to which “exercises” build up the soul’s health.

Deut 4:29         Seek the LORD your God . . . with all your soul.                  

Deut 6:5           Love the LORD your God . . . with all your soul.                   

Deut 10:12       Serve the LORD your God . . . with all your soul.                 

Deut 30:2         Return to the LORD your God and obey His voice . . . with all your soul.     

Deut 30:10       Turn to the LORD your God . . . with all your soul.   

1 Kings 2:4      . . . walk before Me in truth . . . with all their soul                  

2 Kings 23:3    follow the LORD and . . . keep His commandments . . . with . . . all his soul 

              Seek, love, serve, return to, obey, turn to, walk, follow, and keep. The exercises that keep a soul healthy, center us on God.

            Rest for the soul is found in trusting God, depending on Him, and seeking His guidance and direction. These life’s habits are built up as we feed on God’s word, exercise its truths, and follow its instructions in our daily walk (Isaiah 28:10-12, Jeremiah 6:16, 19). Scripture says that God grants us rest: from sorrow, fear, and hard bondage (Isaiah 14:3); from “the days of adversity” (Psalm 94:13); from our adversaries and from evil (1 Kings 5:4); and from our enemies (Joshua 21:44).

            God and our relationship with Him are the keys to our soul’s health.

From Isaiah: Setting Things Right, p.15

Copyright © 2013 by Beebe Kauffman


6. Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary (Springfield, Mass.: G. & C. Merriam Company, 1965), “food,” 324.

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