Isaiah: Setting Things Right

Jesus—the Heart’s Delight   (Isaiah 4:2)

            Jesus is beautiful, glorious, excellent, and appealing to those who take hold of Him by faith. Great good awaits those who turn to Him. Jesus sustains us through the storms of life and furnishes us with hope until they are over. He calms our anxieties with His peace. He drives away fear with His comforting presence. He resolves our helplessness with His strength and power. He soothes our guilt and regret with forgiveness. He warms our hearts with His unending love. Jesus is our “Dayspring from on high” (Luke 1:78 NKJV), our “Bright and Morning Star” (Rev 22:16 NKJV), who is the indispensable key to possessing the morning after the storm. Our job is to take hold of Him by faith.

            Those who take hold of the Branch of the LORD [Jesus] will discover that He is beautiful—pleasing and satisfying13—in His goodness, empathy, mercy, and compassion.

            They will see that the Branch of the LORD is glorious—He is worthy of great respect14 and high praise.15 Jesus is glorious in His roles as our Savior, Lord, Teacher, and Friend. He is the Lamb of God who conquered sin’s power to enslave and to kill. He is our Champion and our Hero.

            Those who turn from sin to faith in Jesus will find that He is excellent—He has “exceptional merit [and] virtue.”16 The exceptional virtue of His sinless life made it an acceptable sacrifice to God. This truth was confirmed when God raised Jesus from the dead.

            Those of us who take hold of the Branch of the LORD by faith will find Him appealing—delightful, fascinating, intriguing, and engaging—in the warmth of His fellowship, the strength of His goodness, and the depth of His love. Jesus shares life with us, the good and the bad. He empathizes with us and helps us. He teaches us what good looks like and trains us to do it. He finds a solution for our problem or gives us the grace to make it through the tough times to the other side of the storm. He orchestrates adventures and relationships that refresh us and delight our hearts.


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From Isaiah: Setting Things Right, pp.107-108
Copyright © 2013 by Beebe Kauffman

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