Isaiah: Setting Things Right

The Morning after the Storm

            Ominous clouds slowly cover the earth. Everything becomes darker, bleaker. An eerie gray is the forewarning of an impending storm. At first the wind gently ruffles the tree branches, but then it steadily grows in force and speed until the trees bend almost to the breaking point. The rain that began with a soft staccato rhythm, builds to a pounding assault against the ground and windows, and threatens to flood roads, fields, and homes. The dark overhead gloom unleashes powerful and frightening bursts of light and sound as thunderstorms roll across the sky. When the electricity finally fails, the fury of the storm is heard even more clearly. It rages on through the night until the sentries of many homes are too exhausted to keep watch any longer.

            Sometimes our circumstances are beating down on us so hard that it’s difficult to imagine a morning after the storm. All we can see is our difficulty. We get tired of laboring under its weight. It seems as if the cloud of heaviness and burden will never dissipate. The storm will never end. But renewal and restoration are two of God’s major preoccupations, and they are major themes of the book of Isaiah and of the Bible.

For Noah, being swept up in a storm of judgment ended in a morning of hope and renewal.

For Joseph, a storm of captivity and slavery ended in a morning of deliverance and power.

For Hezekiah and Jerusalem, a storm of threats and siege ended in a morning of God’s miraculous deliverance.

For Peter, a storm of guilt and self-reprisals ended in a morning of forgiveness and commissioning.

For Christ, a storm of betrayal, denial, and persecution ended in a morning of resurrection and victory.

            Picture the most refreshing morning after the storm that you can imagine. The sun blazes with a peace-restoring brilliance. The sky is so blue and cloudless that it looks like rich silk spread above the earth. The air is so clean and crisp that it energizes and refreshes us. Everything outdoors looks freshly laundered, as if it’s ready for company. The worry and anxiety of the night before, has dissipated with the calm of a new day. Our hearts are lighter and our attitudes are brighter. We’re ready to tackle life again.

           The tone changes drastically between v.1 and v.2 of Isaiah Chapter 4. Verse 1 paints a picture of desperation and reproach, but v.2 describes someone or something as beautiful, glorious, excellent, and appealing. Verse 1 begins the chapter by showing us how severe the storm of God’s judgments can get, but the rest of the chapter describes in detail, the morning after the storm. So let’s foreshadow the rest of Chapter 4, by adding a brighter outlook to the end of the application for v.1:

v.1  God’s judgments can get very severe, but faith effects a morning after the storm.


From Isaiah: Setting Things Right, p.103
Copyright © 2013 by Beebe Kauffman


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