Lessons from Home


We had another “stress test” recently. A plumbing problem upstairs caused water to pour through a downstairs light fixture onto a wood floor that isn’t supposed to get wet. That started six weeks of dust, claustrophobia, and waiting for things to be fixed.

I have fresh evidence that stress can be caused by impatience, uncertainty, and the “gloomies,” and I’m trying to apply the following “Lessons from Home.”

1. Displace impatience with a certainty of imminent good.
God brings good things from detours and delays—a sharper focus, new direction, greater understanding or compassion or skill, closer fellowship with Him, and so forth. God uses the “wait” for great good, and His timing is perfect. God can even redeem the time we waste.

2. Displace uncertainty with faith in God’s great love and goodness, and be confident that He will invest His love and goodness skillfully and delightfully in your life.
Uncertainty doesn’t have to be unsettling. God knows what will happen or how everything will turn out. He cares about us, and He’s there for us. He’s “got this.”

3. Defeat the “gloomies” by bringing all of the warm and bright that God has ever given you into each new situation, and by exercising the “bounce” that He has trained you for.
Focusing on the difficulty at hand or on the size of a huge project can be overwhelming. It can give you a gloomy outlook and a bad attitude. Overcome the stress by remembering all the reasons why your heart can be warm and bright through the circumstance—God is still God and He loves you, the people you love still delight your heart, and so forth. Don’t let weariness or frustration get too big, and don’t forget all the reasons you have to be joyful.

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