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A Butterfly Habit

Flitting and fluttering, the butterfly skims the surface of flowers, trees, and bushes. It flies so close that you think you could reach out and touch it; but when you try, it darts away again. Then all of a sudden, it lands. You expect it to fly away suddenly, but instead, it spreads its wings, as if posing for a camera—all of its beauty and wonder on full display.

We can flit and flutter through life like the butterfly—always in motion, always busy, always going somewhere or making the next stop in our hectic daily schedule. But we can “flutter away” more productively and joyfully if we remember to add to our pace of life, another habit of the butterfly—taking time to recharge.

The wings of butterflies are made of hollow tubes covered with thin tissue. This tissue is covered with scales like a fine dust. The scales form bright patterns, which help the butterflies to blend into the backdrop of flowers, escaping predators. The camouflage gives them time to bask in the sun.1

Butterflies’ bodies must be warmed to at least 86° before they can feed or fly. They gain heat by spreading their wings in the sunshine. They take in less heat by overlapping their wings or angling them. Then the veins in their wings carry the heat to their bodies.2 Instant solar powered energy!

Taking the time to be with God in His word, recharges our hearts and minds. Its wisdom, insights, and instruction calm our hearts and minds for the day, and renew the brightness of our perspective and the level of our energy for another day of challenges. We can “flit and flutter” through our busy lives in the beauty of holiness and in the strength and warmth of the graces that God supplies, if we take the time to recharge in fellowship with Him.

Be still, and know that I am God (Ps 46:10 NKJV).

Copyright © 2015 by Beebe Kauffman

1. http://www.onekind.org/be_inspired/animals_a_z/butterfly/; accessed 9/20/15.
2. Ibid.

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