How well am I running for God?

Hebrews Ch. 12 Personal Application Questions:

v.1 Do the Biblical examples of the lives and choices of its faithful witnesses strengthen my endurance? Which ones are the most meaningful to me? Why?
v.1 Have I laid aside the encumbrances and sins that hinder me from running with endurance?
v.2 Do I go through life with my eyes fixed on Jesus and the example of His endurance?
v.3 Have I received such criticism or hostility from others that I have grown weary and discouraged?

  By Beebe

Refusing to Sin

Sometimes refusing to sin becomes very difficult, especially if the sin is a well-established pattern of attitude, thinking, speaking, or behavior. It feels like a kind of slavery. Romans Chapter 6 reminds us of our reality as Christians, and exhorts us to break free of the habits of sin and to replace them with the practices that are consistent with a heartfelt devotion to God. ...


  By Beebe

A Butterfly Habit

Flitting and fluttering, the butterfly skims the surface of flowers, trees, and bushes. It flies so close that you think you could reach out and touch it; but when you try, it darts away again. Then all of a sudden, it lands. You expect it to fly away suddenly, but instead, it spreads its wings, as if posing for a camera—all of its beauty and wonder on full display.

We can flit and flutter through life like the butterfly—always in motion, always busy, always going somewhere or making the next stop in our hectic daily schedule. But we can “flutter away” more productively and joyfully if ...


  By Beebe


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