The Bible tells us that God made an old covenant (a framework for a relationship) and a new one. The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is the Mediator of the new covenant, the Person who is the “Go-Between,” between us and God. He administrates the new covenant, that is, He works in our lives to make the fullness of it, a possessed reality. The details of that covenant are ...


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1 John Ch. 3 Choose your abiding place:

abiding in God, in love, and in righteousness brings life and assurance;

abiding in sin, in the world, and in the devil brings death.

v.1      Because of His love for us, God has called us to an identity and reality in Him that the world doesn’t understand or value—being His children.

v.2-3   As a child of God, aspire to have purity like your Father’s, and do your part of realizing it.

v.4-6  Choose to abide in Jesus in whom there is no sin, because to the extent that you 

  By Beebe

Ephesians Ch. 5 Choose the pathways through life and observe the boundaries that are fitting for children of God.

v.1         Reflect in your walk, your Father’s heart and character.

v.2         Walk in Christ’s quality of love, which is an offering that is well pleasing to God.

v.3-5      Don’t violate God’s boundaries in deeds, desires, or words.

v.6-7      Don’t let anyone persuade you that walking in disobedience to God isn’t dangerous and costly.

v.8-10    Walk as children of light in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.

  By Beebe


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