Precious Promises

Nehemiah 9:7-8 tells us that God made a covenant (a binding agreement) with Abraham and his descendants—all those who believe (Rom 4:11) of every generation, including us today. Chapter 9 lists some of the blessings that God gave His people, and ends with the people reaffirming or refreshing their covenant with God. What can we learn (Rom 15:4) from this chapter about how God blesses those who believe in Him? In other words,

What does God covenant to do for His people?   
v.8 give us a home with Him
v.8 perform all His words ...


  By Beebe

Matthew Ch. 14  Be strong in faith: apply the truth to the situation at hand, and act on it.

v.1-12  Don’t stop short of faith: repent when you have sinned, and set things right.
v.13-21  Do the impossible: use the resources that Jesus makes available to you, to complete the assignment that He has given you. ...



  By Beebe


We had another “stress test” recently. A plumbing problem upstairs caused water to pour through a downstairs light fixture onto a wood floor that isn’t supposed to get wet. That started six weeks of dust, claustrophobia, and waiting for things to be fixed.

I have fresh evidence that stress can be caused by impatience, uncertainty, and the “gloomies,” and I’m trying to apply the following “Lessons from Home.”

1. Displace impatience with a ...


  By Beebe


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