Acts: Be a God-directed witness.

OR  Be God-directed and God-empowered in your contributions to His family and for His kingdom.

Ch. 26  What will Jesus send you to say to someone who doesn’t know God?
v.1-3      “You are permitted to speak for yourself” (v.1).
v.4-11     Tell them your personal testimony/background (tell them about yourself). ...

  By Beebe

Matthew Chapter 12

The book of Matthew has some of my favorite application. Chapter 12 helps us to understand Jesus’ ministry to us today.

Matthew Ch.12  Don’t be blind to, or bound from, the greatness of Jesus’ ministry.
                                             (blinded by legalism or Satan)
                                                                 (bound by Satan, evil, refusing the truth, or lack of repentance)


v.1-13    Don’t be so legalistic, that you can’t be directed by Jesus to do good,
                    to be kind and helpful, to heal, to rescue, and to restore as whole.

v.14-21  Jesus’ ministry is greater than ...


  By Beebe

Application, Application!! – Part 2

Here are the other two chapters of Philippians in outline form for reading, discussion groups, or teaching. Are they understandable by themselves or do they need a teacher to explain them?

Philippians:  How to Rejoice While You Work

Chapter 3  Adjust your mindset upward.
v.1-6       Put no confidence in the flesh.
v.7-11    Count all things as loss compared to knowing Christ. . . .

  By Beebe


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