Application, Application!!

When I started studying the Bible, I loved reading it. My problem was remembering what I had read, particularly a day or two later. So I started writing down statements to remind myself of what Scripture says about what God wants us to do and to know—“application.”

I had a statement for each paragraph, chapter, and book. Since I was particularly interested in ...


  By Beebe

The Complete Picture

            It’s not difficult to take in the complete picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa. The portrait is only about thirty inches tall by eighteen inches wide.1 It was hanging behind bullet-proof glass when my family and I saw it in the Louvre in Paris. What’s difficult is figuring out the expression on her face. What did the artist have in mind? Was he hoping to intrigue us with ...


  By Beebe

Love is Christ’s Driving Force

 In 2010, my family and I attended the International Christian Retail Show, where Christian book publishers … promote their new products to retailers. As writers, we wanted to see how the book promotion process worked.

Giant posters decorated the halls of the convention center like murals. One of them promoted The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Aslan the lion with his golden mane and piercing eyes dominated the center of the poster. His face ...


  By Beebe


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