The book of Romans gives us certainty and peace—certainty of how God’s plan of salvation works, and peace when we see how the love and mercy of a righteous God has provided for our reconciliation to Him. Chapter 1 of this awesome book begins by identifying the barrier between God and man, and the weapon that can overcome it.

Romans - Be transformed: Understand how salvation and sanctification work,
and believe it (embrace it) for yourself.
(embrace it – live in accordance with it; act on it; let it change and enrich you)

Ch. 1  The solution to the problem of sin, is faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
v.1-17  We are sent to all nations (to help with the problem of sin), and we bear the powerful weapon of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ...


  By Beebe

Where in the world can we find courage and safety? What should we do when the enemy and worldliness seem to be crowding in around us?

Isaiah Ch. 8  Find your courage and safety in believing God and His word—don’t refuse them or neglect them.

v.1-4  Publish (make known) what God says, for it will surely come to pass.
             Application: Be a faithful witness of what God says.
v.5-8  Don’t refuse to know God or to embrace His ways, direction, and help. ...


  By Beebe

In the Gospel of John, Jesus explained His identity, His mission on earth, and His relationship with believers. He also gives us invitations to believe in Him, to draw close to Him, and to serve Him. Scripture closes this book of great insights into the person of Christ and our relationship with Him, with Chapter 21. What are the last things that Jesus emphasizes in this gospel?

John Ch. 21 Finish Jesus’ work.

v.1-3  Don’t drift away from doing the work that Jesus gives you.
v.4-6  Do your work under His guidance. ...


  By Beebe


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