What should we do when we are motivated to serve God and others, but the hindrances and roadblocks are wearing us down?

2 Corinthians Ch. 4  Don’t lose heart when ministry involves struggles.

v.1-2  Because God has mercifully entrusted to us a great ministry, we neither lose heart nor do we damage that ministry with shame or deceit.

v.3-4  Satan works against the ministry of Christ’s gospel, and he uses various devices to hinder the knowledge of it in the minds of unbelievers.

v.5-6  Our purpose is to preach Christ, not ourselves; God has given us knowledge of Him that we may pass it along to others. ...


  By Beebe

In John Ch. 7, Jesus’ brothers did not believe in Him, the Jews wanted to kill Him, and the people were divided on whether He was a good Man or a deceiver. But some of the people considered Jesus’ words and the signs that He did, and wondered whether He was the Christ.

John Ch. 7  Is this Man the Christ?

v.1-9      Familiarity alone can’t prove it.
v.10-13  There will be conflicting opinions.
v.14-18  If anyone wants to do God’s will,  he will know if Jesus’ doctrine is God’s.
v.19-24  Judge Him with righteous judgment.
v.25-30  Would God choose Jesus to be His Representative? ...


  By Beebe

Be calm and be faithful.

In light of last Friday’s Supreme Court decision, I am re-posting the following application for 2 Timothy Ch. 2.

Be entrusted with the truth, as a vessel of honor, sanctified and useful.
v.1  Be strong in the grace that is Christ Jesus.
v.2  Commit what you know to faithful people who can teach others.
v.3  Endure hardship as a good soldier of Christ.
v.4  Engage in spiritual warfare in such a way that you please Christ.
v.5  Participate according to the rules. ...


  By Beebe


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