God’s Enriching Work vs. Sin’s Damaging Work

God works today in the hearts and minds of His children to conform our whole way of thinking, feeling, and acting to be consistent with His love, His character, and His purposes for our lives. He is working to enrich the quality of our souls, our lives, and our influence.

Our choices and decisions help or hinder that process. Certain mindsets and practices are called “sin” in the Bible because they work against loving and respecting God and people. They oppose the good practices that build healthy and satisfying relationships. They waste our time and energy. They hinder healthy relationships, and ultimately they leave our hearts dissatisfied.

So God gives us ...


  By Beebe

2 Corinthians:  Live as an ambassador of Christ—Invest in the welfare of the church, and participate in its work.

Also: Contribute to one another’s joy, victory, and contentment, as well as your own.

Ch. 2  Let forgiveness follow punishment and joy follow sorrow, so God’s work may continue.
v.1-4  Let love be shown when wrongs are being set right within the church.
v.5-8  Forgive and comfort those who have caused grief, and reaffirm your love for them. ...


  By Beebe

Matthew Ch. 13  Sow the seed (the word) and the influence of the kingdom of heaven into the hearts of those around you.

While you sow, it will help you to know these things:
v.1-9 When the word of God is sown into different hearts, it will reap different responses, depending on the state of the heart.
v.10-17 Some will shut their eyes to the light of the truth, and harden their hearts against its reception.
v.18-23 The word of God that is sown into a well-prepared heart will bear fruit, but the word that is sown into an ill-prepared heart, is at risk ...


  By Beebe


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