Breaking the Chains

Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage
By Katy Kauffman and 19 contributing authors

Just like God’s people in the Old Testament longed for freedom from captivity and oppression, God’s children today long to be free from spiritual bondage. Powerful enemies such as fear, anxiety, anger, and loneliness war against our souls, but Christ empowers us to break their chains. Freedom doesn’t have to be a distant dream. It can be our reality.

Does your soul long to be free? Twenty authors have joined forces in this compilation to offer strategies for freedom by sharing personal stories, meaningful Bible verses, and chain-breaking principles. There are even some short stories.

Discover the strategies you need to break free from spiritual bondage and to form your own battle plan for victory. With God’s work and our cooperation, strongholds can crumble, chains can be broken, and freedom can usher in God’s peace and joy.


Download this free Leader Guide to use the book in a small group setting. A reading plan is included for using the book in a ten-week study, or you can easily create your own plan if you have less than ten weeks allotted. A survey is given at the end of the file, so you can poll your group members to discover which topics they would be most interested in reading about and discussing.

We are in the process of making a second edition of the book with discussion questions located at the end of every article. Because of the pandemic, we're waiting to see when would be the best time to release it, but check back here for updates!



“In these sharp and no-nonsense essays, Katy has written and compiled a workable guide for victorious Christian living. They are understandable, concise, and up to date. This book jump-started my thinking with new ideas that often sent me into uncharted waters. It is mind stimulating and faith affirming in addressing issues that so desperately cry for our attention.”

- Dr. Dennis D. Dieringer, Assistant to the President, Luther Rice College & Seminary


"The stories and articles were well-written and insightful. The strategy points at the end of many of the articles equip the readers with practical ways to deal with the issues that weigh them down spiritually. Well done!"

- Dorcas A.


"Since purchasing Breaking The Chains: Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage, this inspiring book has become a special part of my morning devotional time. Each short article packs a unique and powerful spiritual message. I've been amazed how the particular excerpt that I read each day is exactly what I need!"

- Katherine P.


"This book is chock-full of scripture, along with practical guidelines and short stories all pointing the reader to Christ. Already into my second reading, my Bible is opened and my mind is fixed on the one true and lasting source of my deliverance from spiritual bondage."

- Becky H.


Breaking the Chains won a 2018 Selah finalist award at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and it was one of nine books featured in the 2018 Bible Study Expo. 

Check out the book listing on Amazon and the Kindle versionWe are currently out of stock of this title, but we can help you find a copy. Please visit Amazon or contact us while we are making a second edition of the book which will have small group discussion questions. Thank you!