How to Fight to Win

I needed a way out. A few years ago I was going through my worst struggle. I was hoping for some miraculous key to victory that would solve everything and get me back on the right track. I didn’t realize that it was a thousand little things that would help me to win—to be continually taught and trained by God to overcome. I found help in the pastor’s sermons on Sundays, the Christian songs on the radio, the encouragement and wisdom of my parents, and most of all, the time I spent with God reading His Word. Being in God’s Word for myself enabled me to glean truths and life principles to put in my spiritual arsenal. Victory was attainable. God showed the way.

I can’t pinpoint one key to winning the victory over life’s spiritual struggles and battles. The “battle plan” for each believer will vary according to their particular struggle, what God has taught them already, and how much time they give to seeking God and His help. But I can show you the principles from 2 Timothy that help us to fight to win. They are principles that Paul passed to Timothy and have been passed down to us today. God has not left us to fight in our own strength or by our own wisdom. His Word shows us the strategies and resources to be overcomers.

In this fourth excerpt from my Bible study, 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory, I’d like to share with you some favorite “How to Fight to Win” principles from Chapter 3. Up to ten of these statements are found at the end of every devotion on 2 Timothy, enclosed in gray boxes for easy reference. My friends have told me they have enjoyed reading these principles the most. In 2 Timothy Chapter 3, God calls us to be watchful, to continue in the truth and to guard our hearts and minds from accepting lies and error. We are to be like sentries on the wall, standing guard for the truth of God’s Word and keeping watch against error and those who spread it.

The principles below are divided according to the passages in 2 Timothy 3 that they are based on. A thousand little things help us to win the victory. Maybe some of these could have a special place in your spiritual arsenal.

How to Fight to Win

·         Keep your heart under the influence of God’s power, so it is transformed to be godly. (verses 1-5, page 128)

·         Don’t welcome error into who you are, how you live, or what you share with others. (v.6-7, p.133)

·         Use the radar of God’s truth to detect the “stealth bombers” of lies and error. (v.6-7, p.133)

·         Resist the words and the influence of those who resist the truth. (v.8-9, p.136)

·         Follow the example of the faithful—stay on course. (v.10-13, p.141)

·         Make the principles of God’s Word your constant and continual habit of life. (v.14-17, p.146)

·         Share Scripture because it is a powerhouse for good in our lives. (v.14-17, p.146)

o   It teaches us about God and His ways.

o   It exposes sin and error, and shows us right from wrong.

o   It guides us.

o   It helps us to amend our lives.

o   It restores us to the right way of thinking, feeling, and acting.

o   It trains us in what is right and how to live it out.

God’s Word shows us the way to victory, and God’s Spirit makes it a reality in our lives as we look to God and put into practice the truths we know. What verses or passages in Scripture have helped you to win the victory? May your spiritual arsenal keep growing as you hear God’s Word taught and study it for yourself.


© Copyright 2014 by Katy Kauffman

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