Scrapbook Cards in Bible Study

I have scrapbooked for almost ten years. I enjoy it as a stress reliever, as an excuse to be with friends, and as a creative outlet. The papers are pretty, the embellishments are snazzy, and the pictures I cherish are preserved for all time in meaningful ways. Until the tape runs out. Then I have to run to the scrapbook store (oh no!) and restrain myself to buy only tape. And maybe one more set of stickers.

A few years ago, my mom Beebe and I found a way to incorporate scrapbooking into our Bible study classes. It can take as little as five minutes of class time to do it. At the end of the class, we pass out little kits to each lady in the group, and inside are pre-cut papers, ribbon, and bling (sparkly stuff). As a group we put together the card which has a principle from the lesson printed on the top layer of paper.

Here are some of the principles that have found themselves on our little class cards:

  • Turn self-doubt into “God-confidence.”
  • Let Jesus’ courage inspire yours, and let it set the standard.
  • A Godly heart trusts God for His best.

Each group we’ve taught with these cards has loved making them. There’s something fun about using a little creative juice to tape paper together, thread a ribbon, and place a flower in just the right spot. And giggling when your bling won’t cooperate and goes flying across the table. What matters most is having a lovely way to remember a spiritual principle that impacts everyday life.

The two cards in the picture above have principles from my Bible study, 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory, on them. They sit in prominent places in my house so I can see them every day. The card on the left, which appropriately looks like a shield, showcases the key verse for 2 Timothy: “Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith. (2 Tim 4:7)”. The one with flowers on the right sparkles with the first major application point for the book: “Do God’s will for your life energized by His grace, motivated by love, and sustained by His peace.”

So try it! Make a card either for yourself or suggest doing it in your Bible study group. For instructions on how to make the cards, see The Scrapbooked Bible Study page on our site. Email us with any questions, and turn a creative outlet into a memorable keepsake.

Sparkle on!


Copyright © 2014 by Katy Kauffman


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