2020 Vision: Finding Peace in the New Year

by Katy Kauffman

It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I learned I didn’t have 20/20 vision. That defining moment came at the DMV when I took my eye exam to get my driver’s license. I looked in the viewfinder of the small machine and squinted at the letters on the bottom row. The inside of the machine was dark and the letters blurry.

“I think your machine is broken,” I told the lady behind the counter. She looked inside the machine and had me read the bottom row.

“Honey,” she said. “It’s not the machine. It’s your eyes!”

Confidence (or cockiness) squashed. Eye doctor appointment made. The lady behind the counter was right, and my assumption could have cost me the safety of everyone driving around me.

Our Peace Is Connected to Our Vision

When a problem arises, we can assume that the best thing to do is to focus on it. Analyze it from every possible angle. Come up with worst-case scenarios so we prepare ourselves. Obsess over it. But our peace is dependent on our vision. Yes, we need to be aware of what could happen, but focusing too much on the problem can create a danger that haunts us with anxiety.

God doesn’t want us to be driven by what if’s. He wants us to walk in peace. The key to doing that is to focus on the source of true, lasting peace.  

Now may the Lord of peace Himself
give you peace always in every way.
The Lord be with you all.
2 Thessalonians 3:16 NKJV

In every way. Through every challenge. In the face of every difficulty. A focus on the Lord of peace wraps our hearts in His love and shields us from the inner turmoil of every anxiety and what if. Focusing on God’s perfect goodness, unconditional love, and matchless wisdom reassures us that He can help us in any situation and we don’t have to be afraid. He who parted the Red Sea and stopped the mouths of lions can make a way for us and stop anything that comes against us.

If the Lord of peace allows us to go through a trial, the potential for peace will never be out of reach. When I was a teenager, I was afraid of bad things happening. Then I saw God be there for my family in more than one crisis, and I knew I could trust His heart. Whatever He allowed, He would work for good. I know life won’t be pain-free, but our hearts can find peace in the One who controls all outcomes. God Almighty gives peace in every way. Inexplicable, beyond-our-understanding peace (Philippians 4:7) which requires a my-focus-is-fixed-on-You kind of mindset (Isaiah 26:3).

Another Resource

Peace isn’t the only thing God gives.

The Lord will give strength to His people;
The Lord will bless His people with peace.

Psalm 29:11 NKJV

Strength and peace. The perfect combination for a new year. God wants us to focus on Him, but He doesn’t leave us without the power to do our part of life and ministry. Even in trials, God plants joy to be discovered, truths to understand, and opportunities to help others in similar situations. I’ve watched Him do it. He gives us strength to handle our own difficulties and to help others find peace in God through theirs.

What are you facing in January of 2020 that requires peace and strength? May the Lord of peace empower you with an inner stability and strength that overcomes anxiety, and may He guide you into His blessings in the new year. The Lord be with you and bless you with His peace.


© Copyright 2020 by Katy Kauffman


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Comments (4)

  • anon

    Sometimes, it requires great strength to find peace. Not physical strength necessarily, but most certainly we need spiritual strength (i.e. faith) to seek God's will and align ourselves to His leading. I still struggle with trying to "run ahead" of where God wants me in a journey. Am learning, at least in my writing and ranching journeys that I'm much more at peace with things when I am moving at the pace He needs me to move at. I'm learning that by moving at His pace, it's easier for Him to teach me what He wants me to learn. Loved this post so much.  Praying for amazing vision of God's journey for your life in 2020 ma'am.

    Jan 07, 2020
  • anon

    Thank you for talking about keeping pace with God, J. D. That is something I want to practice. I appreciate your comments and prayers! God bless you in 2020.

    Jan 07, 2020
  • anon

    Katy, I've been praying for strength and faith as we cope with illness in my family. I had not considered the need to have peace in this situation, but your inspiring insight has shown me what is missing.I've been so terrified about all the decisions that need to be made when there is a health crisis and questioning, "Am I making the right decisions?" Thank you for the reminder that God can grant me peace through this trial.

    Jan 07, 2020
  • anon

    I can relate in some way to the fear, Katherine. And having to make decisions about other things. Thank you for sharing this, and may God bring you and your family the peace that you need. Praying for you all, and love you very much. And it means a lot that this spoke to you. Thanking God!

    Jan 07, 2020

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