Be Still and Know: A Guest Post by Michelle Adserias

Today a gentle snow falls. Large clusters of flakes tumble earthward, holding hands and dancing to a muted tune only they can hear. It must be warmer today. I put on my coat and head down the snow-cloaked road.

It’s so quiet my crunchy footsteps resound irreverently across the wintry expanse. When I reach the hilltop, I stop. A profound stillness envelops me. I strain to hear something … anything. There’s nothing—not the rustle of crisp, brown oak leaves, not the cheerful call of the chickadees, not a whisper from the wind. My whole world pays silent homage to God.

Winter harbors a deep silence, a penetrating peace that washes over my soul. I smile contentedly. Then I hear something other-worldly, a still, small voice whispering, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10 NKJV). Be still, like a calm, winter day. Welcome silence into your life. Talk less. Turn off the useless noise inside your head. Meditate on My Word more. Turn off the external noise from computers, televisions, radios, and phones. Be still so you can hear Me.

Incessant noise is a cultural norm. Everything makes so much noise—vehicles, appliances, tools, computers, televisions, radios, and phones. We carry our noise with us and listen to it through earbuds, even when we’re outdoors. Furthermore, we amplify the noise, adopting the “loud is good” philosophy.

I realize I’m weird, but I take issue with that. Loud really isn’t God’s modus operandi. Not that God never does loud. Thunder, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, falling trees … all loud. They also seem to have a common thread. All are demonstrations of God’s great might, and sometimes His wrath and judgment.

But most of His day-to-day words—words of love, encouragement, reassurance, conviction, hope and peace—are gentle and soft-spoken. Remember when God spoke to Elijah on the mountain? God wasn’t in the strong winds, or the earthquake or in the fire. God was in the gentle blowing (1 Kings 19:11-12).

If we would hear God, we must be like the wind and the waves on the Sea of Galilee when Jesus told them to hush and be still (Mark 4:39). We must obey the voice of our Maker when He tells us to turn down the volume on all the things screaming for our attention. Then we’ll be able to hear the voice of the Spirit whispering to us. Then we’ll find solace in a stillness so deep it penetrates the soul like a calm, winter day.

© Copyright 2018 by Michelle Adserias

Photo Credit: Michelle Adserias


Michelle Adserias lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband, Peter. They have four children. Three have flown the coop and the last will be ready to fly soon. During her free time, Michelle enjoys being outdoors—hiking, paddling and shooting photos of the beautiful things God created. She publishes a weekly blog (under the pen name Johanna Daniel) about the truths of God unveiled through nature’s every day moments. You’ll find it at

When she’s not outside, Michelle enjoys poking through thrift shops or sitting at home and stitching. She has two Etsy shops. You’ll find her original embroidery designs at LaDee’s Stitchery, and her vintage and antique finds at LaDee’s Antiques.


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Comments (4)

  • anon

    Yes! Finding quiet and making sure there are quiet moments throughout the day is a daily struggle, but so worth it. I just need to turn off all the noisy distractions and focus on God, and in the quiet He refuels and rejuvenates me. We are in Georgia and  had a very rare snow fall last week and enjoyed playing in it, but also the quiet that settles over everything. It was beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts! 

    Jan 11, 2018
  • anon

    This is so lovely, Michelle. Chock-full of my favorite scriptures. You have written close to my heart as I love quietness.  I do my best pondering when it is quiet.  Keep writing!

    Jan 11, 2018
  • anon

    Our recent south-Georgia snow can't compare to your Wisconsin snow, but your words are fitting, just the same! Thank you for the thought-provoking blog on hearing God. 

    Jan 11, 2018
  • anon

    Michelle, your post vividly pictures the quietness of a nature scene and the vital need to stop long enough to communicate well with God. The world we live in is fast and loud. Most of the time, I hear God better when I’m quiet and still. Your final sentence speaks volumes. Thank you for this important reminder. 

    Jan 11, 2018

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