Who do you love? We all have our favorites—those Bible study authors we like to read again and again. We like to hear how they explain God’s Word and apply it to our everyday lives. They equip us for life and get us through rough times. Our favorite authors have personalities we admire and stories we can relate to as they share from the heart and show what God has taught them. 

In this post, I’d like to compare the styles of Bible teachers and the formats of their books. But first, let me share with you some of my favorites. ...



  By Katy

I love autumn everything. The pumpkin spice donuts and lattes, the color of the leaves as they change, and the boots. Fall has a style all its own. September has been all about Bible studies on my blog, and on this second day of fall, I’d like to share some tips for enhancing the style of your Bible study teaching and writing. Maybe you’ve got a style that works and fits your group perfectly. Please leave a comment of things that have worked for you! I’d like to give some tips that I’ve seen work in Bible study groups and have made the style of teaching engaging and uplifting.



  By Katy

Psalm 107 is my favorite chapter in the Bible. In this post I want to use the Bible study tools to show you why.

I had done the first six steps years ago— prayed, printed, marked key people and repeated words, paid attention to contrasts and comparisons, looked up a few definitions and read some commentaries. But when I did the seventh step for this blog post, I discovered something new about Psalm 107—some sparkling application. This psalm describes four desperate situations in which people cried out to God, situations that many of us experience today. When we cry out to God, He hears us and He helps. ...



  By Katy


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