Bibles are family treasures. I remember leafing through my mom’s Bible when I was a teenager, taking in every sermon note and statement of application she had written in it. I wore out my own slimline Bible that I received as a high school graduation present. The pages are wrinkled and also stained with sermon notes and application, and the spine has been taped (nicely) with packing tape more than once. I hope it lasts till I can give it to my future kids.

I’ve needed a NKJV Bible that has margins big enough to journal in, but for a while, only the ESV Bible or other translations had journaling editions. Now I can journal and draw next to Scripture to my heart’s content.



  By Katy

Have you seen the new “American Woman’s Bible” that just came out June 7th? You can see a review of it in our newest issue of Refresh at (link) (scroll to page 74).

“See how women throughout the history of this great nation have lived out … Biblical values such as courage, faith, honor, mercy, sacrifice, forgiveness, obedience, resourcefulness, and more. … This Bible shows that by taking on the mantle of godly values, women can bring about the changes needed to keep this nation strong.” (Foreword by Penny Nance, page V)

This hardback Bible ($34.99 retail price) is NKJV and has 70 bios of American women scattered through it, plus short articles on intriguing topics and people related to our country’s history. 




  By Katy

Dear Friend, 

During this Christmas season, may the reality of who Christ is and the peace we can find in Him bring light and hope to your soul.

  By Katy


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