14 Ways to Guard What God Has Built

by Katy Kauffman

They built the wall, but the danger wasn’t over.

The enemies of the Jews hated them. During the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem, the enemy mocked them, plotted to attack them, and enticed Nehemiah four times to leave the work and meet them outside the city (Nehemiah 2:19, 4:7-8, 6:1-4). Relentless. The fifth message they sent was a letter that claimed Nehemiah and the Jews were rebelling against the foreign king who ruled them at the time. They persisted in trying to stop the work, but God’s people finished it, and the wall was restored. 

We have a relentless enemy today. Our spiritual enemy Satan doesn’t want to see us restored—redeemed from past mistakes, healed from hurtful words and actions, and set right in how we think and feel and act. Satan wants us to live bruised, beaten, and discouraged. Defeated.

But God.

God redeems, heals, and restores. Just as God brought His people Israel home from captivity, God brings His spiritual people out of captivity to sin, guilt, and shame. He rebuilds the walls of our strength and determination. He restores our peace and reignites our joy.

God’s finished work needs protecting, just as Jerusalem needed protecting once its wall had been built. A guard needs to stand watch.

“Then it was, when the wall was built … I said to them,
‘Do not let the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot;
and while they stand guard, let them shut and bar the doors;
and appoint guards from among the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
one at his watch station and another in front of his own house.’” 
(Nehemiah 7:1, 3 NKJV)

Are we faithful and trustworthy to guard what God has built for us? Do we remember what He has saved us from and saved us to? Are we alert?

How do we guard what God has built up?

  1. We fear God—we love Him, respect Him, and worship Him.
  2. We choose God over selfishness.
  3. We stay under God’s leadership because we believe in what He is doing in our lives and how He wants to help other people.  
  4. We meditate on God’s Word, knowing Him more and more and growing in godly character.
  5. We take everything to God in prayer, depending on Him more than we depend on ourselves.
  6. We refuse the enemy’s lies, and focus instead on God’s unfailing truth.
  7. We see the hurts others have done to us, in light of who God is and what He has done, and we don’t stay paralyzed by the past.
  8. We love what God loves, and we hate what He hates.
  9. We learn from the past and run to God to meet our needs and solve our problems, instead of running to old habits to fix something.   
  10. We use God’s Word, His love, and His presence as a shield for our hearts and soundness of mind.
  11. We say no to temptation by aligning our desires with God’s and trusting that His ways are best. 
  12. We “turn off” the sources of temptation that are within our control –TV shows, certain websites, or friendships that pull us toward disobeying God, and so on.  
  13. We make enough time to be with God in Bible study and prayer and to fellowship with other Christians, so our hearts stay encouraged and refreshed.
  14. We remember what’s at stake if we go back to old ways—not only our own well-being and soundness, but how we affect others.  

Guard what’s been built. Don’t let Satan and his forces tear down the restoration that God has worked in your heart. Freedom is worth guarding, ours and other’s.

Which of the fourteen ways above would help you the most right now to guard your life against spiritual attacks? Tell us in the comments!


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