The Isaiah 9:6 Child: Mighty God

Wonderful. Counselor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace.

In the middle of the description about Jesus—the Child who was promised and the Messiah who was to come—power is mentioned. Long before He came to earth, Jesus had been the Mighty God.

Present with the Father and the Spirit before the universe existed, He—with Them—spoke creation into being. As Mighty God, He took part in creating galaxies and constellations, mountains and trees, animals and people. Since history began, all things have been sustained by Him. “And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist” (Col 1:17, NKJV). Mighty God.

When Israel left Egypt and passed through the Red Sea, He was there. When bread rained from heaven and the wall of Jericho fell, He was there. When David slew Goliath and the lions shut their mouths in Daniel’s den, He was there.

Then He came here. The miracle worker of the Old Testament, the Angel of the LORD, the Commander of the LORD’s army—this Mighty God wrapped Himself in human flesh and was born of a virgin. The Creator of all things breathed His first human breath in a stable. The God who named the stars was greeted by lowly shepherds, but heralded by angels. One of the stars He had made guided the wise men to the birthplace of the Savior of the world. Mighty God.

When Jesus became a Man, He focused His power on individuals. He healed. He restored sight. He opened ears and stopped demons. He preached with authority and showed the way to God. He is the way to God. He used His power for good, to instruct and heal hearts, to rescue and set lives right. Mighty God.

Jesus still works today. Because of His death on the cross and His glorious resurrection, we can know God and see Him work in our lives. Jesus ministers to us, using His power to effect things we can’t do on our own. He gives hope, dries tears, heals the broken, counsels the hurting, gives direction, and transforms lives. He is active and powerful today. Mighty God.

The God who created the stars knows our daily needs and concerns. The power that healed the blind and raised the dead to life is the same power that makes sense of our chaos and brings order out of confusion. Seek Jesus for whatever challenges and adventures you face today. He has perfect power to enable  you to succeed and to work good out of bad. Draw close to Him, and rest in His love. No one can match His power or extinguish His love. He is powerful and formidable, loving and good. He is Mighty God.


© Copyright 2014 by Katy Kauffman

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