What Does Your Peace Look Like?

by Katy Kauffman

It's a simple question to ask, but maybe a harder one to answer. 

My answer has been something like walking in the waves on the beach. Or sitting on the back patio in the sunshine and listening to the wind ruffling trees and the birds singing.

But recently, I've discovered a new answer. An acrostic for P-E-A-C-E. It's something I've been wanting to share with you, but then technology interrupted my, well, my peace.

This week my blog post has been delayed because my computer stopped working. But although it caused some anxiety and put me behind in my to-do's, I still want to share with you this acrostic, and I hope to post it this coming Tuesday.

For now, how would you answer the question? What does your peace look like? 

Tell me in the comments, and if you do, I'll also share a few thoughts as well of what peace looks like for me. Until next time!


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Comments (4)

  • anon

    Mine, I've found, is on the inside.  My peace is that part of my soul that gives me a "shush... it's okay" when everything around me is in chaos. My peace guides me to a mental state where I can allow my outside to settle and calm to match my inside.  I love when that happens.  Right smack in the middle of something that would have me going ballistic years ago, I can find my peace.  Actually, I believe it to be God's peace; He just lets me borrow it when needed.  :-)

    Jul 26, 2019
  • anon

    I love what you said, J.D. Thank you for sharing that. "Shush ...  it's okay." I think I need that right now.
    When my heart is at peace, it has usually come from listening to my favorite music or studying something new in my quiet time with God. Knowing His truth brings the "shush ... it's okay."

    Jul 26, 2019
  • anon

    Katy, I identify with technology issues generating anxiety! That can be frustrating. Sitting on my deck early in the morning and worshipping at church are peaceful times for me. I’m learning about appropriating the Lord’s peace more consistently and look forward to your next post. 

    Jul 26, 2019
  • anon

    Thank you, Jeannie! A few days later, and I have my computer again!
    I like sitting outside too. Worship, that's a way to find peace again. Thank you for sharing those. 
    The right song can bring back peace. The words and melody calms my heart. 

    Jul 26, 2019

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