Bible Application for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

The Good Shepherd

Scripture is so rich, that 10 people might get 10 different sets of application for the same chapter, depending on what emphasis they saw in it. Which of the following do you like the best for this reassuring chapter in John?

John Ch. 10  Believe Me: I Am the Good Shepherd.

v.1-6      His privilege:  The sheep follow only the Shepherd.
v.7-10    His position:   I am the door for them to salvation and abundant life.
v.11-21  His plan:         I will give My life for them.
v.22-30  His promise:   I will give them eternal life.
v.31-39  His proof:       Believe Me because of My works.
v.40-42  His purpose:   “Many believed in Him there” (v.42). ...


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