Praying Romans 8:28

The tiny blue hydrangea bush that my dad planted this spring never got bigger. Instead, a short, naked piece of wood stood in the ground. No growth, no life. I forgot about it.

Then this summer, in the exact spot where the hydrangea should have blossomed, a baby crepe myrtle sprang up. Green leaves and pink buds surprised my family. In the shadow of a great crepe myrtle, a seed must have found the special soil meant for the hydrangea bush. Life blossomed anyway, just not in the way we expected.

How many times have we gone through something difficult, and life blossomed in a way we didn’t expect or think was possible? Perhaps we have gone through a trying time, in which we felt parched and withered. Like a short, naked shoot of a plant with little chance of survival. But then God did something. He tended our soil, shined some light on us, and gave us much-needed water. Green leaves and tiny flower buds surprised us. Good was happening, even in the midst of the pain. Even in the midst of a trial. 



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Modeling Your Christian Values is Important when Running a Home-Based Business

A Guest Post by Sharon Barnett

One month after I launched my site, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Jan who lived in Oregon. Jan commented she thought my Christian hand-beaded jewelry was beautiful, and she wanted me to design an elegant Rosary for her in honor of her beloved aunt who was seriously ill. I was thrilled that not only a stranger thousands of miles away had selected me to make her a keepsake Rosary, but that she was the first person who gave me a customized order. The completion of the highly detailed Rosary would have resulted in a fair profit. I immediately responded with a kind letter that stated how honored I felt to have received a request to make an heirloom piece of jewelry.

I suggested unless she really wanted me to be the designer of this most precious remembrance Rosary, I would graciously decline the valuable order. I informed her that I, too, was a Christian, though not Catholic, and I have such respect for individuals who follow this faith and its traditions. What was my reason to prefer to pass on this offer? INTEGRITY. As a Christian I uphold high standards in my business and that what I create speaks the truth for me. What I make is for the Glory of God and how I understand to honor Him. 



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Praying from a Student’s Perspective


It’s that time again. Kids have to get up early, parents make sack lunches, and a new school year begins. Even though I don’t have any kids of my own, I want to repost part of an article about how to pray for our schools. After interviewing several friends last summer, ages 6 to 21, I gathered these prayer requests. These students are now a year older, but take note of their grade and the depth of their requests.  Would you join me in praying our teachers and students, and ask God to work in our schools in this new year?

Here’s what we can pray for ...



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My Bible’s Birthday

Last week my Bible turned 15 years old. It’s an Indiana Jones Bible. Its leather edges are torn, its pages are crinkled, and its spine has been saved with tape more than once. It has survived 4 years of college, countless trips and adventures, daily quiet times, ink smears, and tears. It graciously accepted my colored pen phase—its verses are underlined, boxed, and starred in bright blue, pink, and purple. Just about every white space has notes, poems, and outlines crammed into them. This Bible has been loved. We’ve been through a lot together.

Do you have a Bible like that? 



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Dear Missions Team Member, I’m Praying for You


I’ve been there—the backwoods of Brazil, the pothole-filled villages of Ukraine, the suburbs of Illinois. I’ve had the privilege of going on several mission trips, and I can tell you stories. Stories of how the kids’ faces beamed as they ran to greet our American missions team in the streets. Stories about how my dad hid candy in his hat so he could give it to the kids on the church construction site. Stories of how God helped me to overcome fear so I could share my testimony on the side of a mountain or share the gospel in a school. Stories of joining with local believers to share the gospel and seeing people accept Christ.

I’m sure you have stories, too, whether you’ve been on a short term mission trip or served in your local church. Our friends who are traveling this summer to share the love of Christ will have stories as well. And so I want to pray for them. That they will find ways to connect with the people they meet. Through block parties, singing, an English camp, or serving the community in some way. That God will give them the words to say and they will take every chance to smile, pray for someone, laugh with someone, and show God’s love.

So if you’re going somewhere this summer or fall, this is what I want to pray for you. ...



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Overcoming Fear with Peace – A Guest Post by Carol A. Akin

God’s plan is that we do not live in fear, but rather enjoy His peace. In fact, I’ve heard many times that there are 365 times in the Bible that we are encouraged to fear not or do not fear. This leads me to a couple of key assumptions:

  1. God knows that humans are frail (after all He made us from dust) and are inclined to fear.
  2. We need constant reassurance that everything is going to be ok.
  3. He loves us and desires that we live in peace, free from fear.



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10 Verses to Pray for America


Sentries pray. Sentries have been needed in every generation of America’s existence—sentries who “stand on the wall,” know what’s going on in the culture, stay alert to dangerous ideologies, care about the people’s well-being and survival, and pray for God to move and to act. Our time is no different.

Our founding fathers faced their own struggles. As July 4th approaches, we prepare to celebrate their courage and victories. Our country was founded as a safe haven from religious persecution. Today we face similar struggles and new ones. But one thing is certain. God has not changed. His Word is still the authority and safe haven of every believer. And God has called us, as Christians, to share His truth and love at home and around the world.



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Suppose There Was a Knight


Tomorrow I turn 33.

The fact that I look about 23 (so I’m told) helps me face another birthday. But I’m actually looking forward to this year. I am excited to see all the adventures God has planned. Every day is special, its own adventure with Him. So I wonder what adventures will unfold this year.

When I was younger, my mom taught me to see life as an adventure with God. I’ve always loved medieval-age stories, so she put it in terms of knights and journeys. It helped me to see Jesus in a new light, as an adventurer, Someone to share life’s journey with and to learn from. I want to share with you what she wrote. It’s called “Suppose There was a Knight.” Do you see every day as an adventure? 



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The Silent Prayer

Have you ever prayed so hard for something that you said no words aloud, but you cried out to God in your heart?

Some prayers originate from the deepest part of our souls, born out of desperation or anguish. Hannah prayed one of those prayers. 



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Keep Trusting God


Sitting on the mountain top, you don’t want to leave. Whether it’s been a week at a youth camp, a writers conference, a vacation with much-needed family time, or a special quiet time with God, we may be hesitant to get back into “real life.” Like in the picture above, we can’t see what’s in the valley. The clouds obstruct our view. We don’t know what struggles we’ll face or what joys we’ll encounter. But there is One who sees all and knows all.



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