Psalms 119:162  I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.   (NKJV)

The Word of God:

shows us who God is and what He wants,
invites us into a personal relationship with God through faith in His Son,
reveals the truth and encourages us to adjust ourselves to it,
gives us understanding of spiritual realities and truth,
shows us how spiritual things work and why they work that way,
changes us on the inside,
influences us in “good,”
teaches us how to have healthy and satisfying relationships,
differentiates between right and wrong, ...


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Lessons from Home

Life’s Issues Have a Solution

Jumbled, confused, tied in knots, anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. That’s how we can feel on the inside, as we navigate the circumstances and surprises of life.

Sometimes we just get TIRED—tired of trying, tired of rejection, tired of hitting a brick wall again and again.

Sometimes the heat of temptation gets turned up way past “simmer” to “boiling.” All we can think about is what we are NOT supposed to do. The wrong solution gets brighter and bolder, and good sense gets muffled or silenced.

Sometimes we need just one person to listen to us and empathize with what we are going through. We need one person to understand us, to be on our side all the time, and then everything would be so much better. If we had one person to love us unconditionally, to trust in, to talk to and confide in. Someone who can see things ...


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Lessons from Home


We had another “stress test” recently. A plumbing problem upstairs caused water to pour through a downstairs light fixture onto a wood floor that isn’t supposed to get wet. That started six weeks of dust, claustrophobia, and waiting for things to be fixed.

I have fresh evidence that stress can be caused by impatience, uncertainty, and the “gloomies,” and I’m trying to apply the following “Lessons from Home.”

1. Displace impatience with a ...


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Finding Our Place in Life

Finding “our place” in life can sometimes be a long process. We want a place that is secure, that is uniquely ours, and that is enjoyable and heartwarming. We want a place from which we can launch out into life’s circumstances and relationships and navigate them well. We want a home base that ... 

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