Heart Language

by Patty Schell

This weekend more than ever I wish I had the language skills to understand Spanish. We were working in a community in Mexico, and many times throughout the day I was asked questions that I could not answer. And even when I kind of got what they were saying to me, I lacked the vocabulary to respond in their language. We made it through though. They, with their patience, and me, with pantomime and baby-talk. This was not the best-case scenario for building a relationship.

My own relationship with the Bible has had the same moments. The words, even though written in my language, were foreign to my ear. I read and listened, but much of it did not make sense. But over time, I began to catch on to some words and phrases along with the ideas behind them. This didn’t happen overnight. Much like language learning, I had to spend time reading and listening to grasp hold to their meaning.

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Dear Missions Team Member, I’m Praying for You


I’ve been there—the backwoods of Brazil, the pothole-filled villages of Ukraine, the suburbs of Illinois. I’ve had the privilege of going on several mission trips, and I can tell you stories. Stories of how the kids’ faces beamed as they ran to greet our American missions team in the streets. Stories about how my dad hid candy in his hat so he could give it to the kids on the church construction site. Stories of how God helped me to overcome fear so I could share my testimony on the side of a mountain or share the gospel in a school. Stories of joining with local believers to share the gospel and seeing people accept Christ.

I’m sure you have stories, too, whether you’ve been on a short term mission trip or served in your local church. Our friends who are traveling this summer to share the love of Christ will have stories as well. And so I want to pray for them. That they will find ways to connect with the people they meet. Through block parties, singing, an English camp, or serving the community in some way. That God will give them the words to say and they will take every chance to smile, pray for someone, laugh with someone, and show God’s love.

So if you’re going somewhere this summer or fall, this is what I want to pray for you. ...



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