Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

Have you ever thought of yourself as an ambassador of God’s kingdom, or as an emissary of Christ’s love? In the book of 2 Corinthians, Paul encourages the church to live as ambassadors of Christ, and Chapter 5 has some excellent reasons why we should.

2 Corinthians Ch. 5  Live no longer for yourself, but for Him who died for you.

v.1-4  Physical death is not the end of life—one day our earthly bodies will be exchanged for heavenly ones.

v.5-8  Once we are absent from the body, we will be present with the Lord.

v.9-10  So aim to please Christ while you are here, because we will all receive from Him according to what we have done in the body, good or bad.

v.11-13  Minister sincerely, having a great concern for souls. ...


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