Be Still and Know

There’s peace in being still. Not just resting in the middle of a busy schedule, but in drawing close to God. Do you need a moment to be still?

Last week I wrote about finding rest for our souls, and today I want to share with you a poem that I wrote for my friend’s magazine last year. It’s about making Psalm 46:10 a reality. The picture below shows how the poem appeared in the issue, and you can instantly see the magazine by clicking this link: Broken but Priceless: The Magazine. I’ve also included the poem in a bigger font so you can read it easily.

Can you relate to the emotions and struggles captured in the poem? Can you relate to the victory? ...



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Lessons from Home

A Butterfly Habit

Flitting and fluttering, the butterfly skims the surface of flowers, trees, and bushes. It flies so close that you think you could reach out and touch it; but when you try, it darts away again. Then all of a sudden, it lands. You expect it to fly away suddenly, but instead, it spreads its wings, as if posing for a camera—all of its beauty and wonder on full display.

We can flit and flutter through life like the butterfly—always in motion, always busy, always going somewhere or making the next stop in our hectic daily schedule. But we can “flutter away” more productively and joyfully if ...


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