Unwritten Melody Blog Tour with Tessa Emily Hall

When you’ve read a good book, you want to share about it! Welcome to the next stop in Tessa Emily Hall’s blog tour. Today I have the privilege of sharing about Tessa’s new book, Unwritten Melody, and interviewing her. Plus, we are linking to a giveaway! Two winners will receive a wonderful prize package.

Tessa Emily Hall is a gifted writer and a beautiful person. When I met her at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I didn’t know I was gaining a friend for life. Our first books were released about the same time, and since we’ve met, we have swapped ideas, prayed for each other, read each other’s books, and texted, texted, texted. I am excited to introduce her new book to you and for you to hear about her passion for writing. 



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Breaking the Chains: Hoping For a Happy Ending

by Tessa Emily Hall


Writing a book is therapeutic for me. I find enjoyment through weaving together the tough aspects of life into a story that brings meaning to these hardships. A story that wraps up in a satisfying, happy ending.

Because this is what we yearn for in life, isn’t it? We long for hope in the midst of tragic circumstances. We yearn for meaning in the midst of pain. A reminder that, despite how our “story” might look right now, it will turn out all right in the end.

In my YA novel, Purple Moon, Selena grew up in a Christian home. She grew up believing in Jesus and that He had the perfect “fairy tale life” planned for her. But as she grew older, this hope began to diminish.



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What Easter Means to Me: The Greatest Gift


Tessa Emily Hall writes the last guest post in our Easter series this month. Tessa is a good writer friend who loves to write novels, act, and make crafts. Her creative spirit is inspiring, as is this post about the gift of Easter.

When I was a kid, Easter meant painting eggs and finding Easter baskets. It meant sneaking a few bites of my chocolate bunny before church, then going on an Easter egg hunt afterwards.

As I grew older, though, the real meaning of Easter became more than just a Bible story I was taught year after year. Easter became more significant to me than just another commercial holiday.



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Hope Never Dies: A Review of Purple Moon

I love the stories of struggle and survival, of hope and victory. I remember the books and movies that mirror real life with its incredible highs and unavoidable lows, and that show the path to hope and freedom. The ones that teach that second chances exist and there’s more to life than scraping by.

Purple Moon is one of those books. Tessa Emily Hall has woven together a story of hope and second chances with charming characters and unforgettable scenes. Purple Moon is about a teenager named Selena who goes to Lake Lure, North Carolina, to spend the summer with family while her mother is in rehab. Adventures and temptations await Selena in Lake Lure as well as the chance to find the hope she desperately needs. ...



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When Dreams Become Reality: An Interview with YA Novelist Tessa Emily Hall

She has guest blogged for me, but now hear about her writing journey! Today I interview YA novelist Tessa Emily Hall about her adventures in writing and publishing. She shares tips for fiction and non-fiction writers and what motivates her to write for God. Meet Tessa ...


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Worshipping God through Our Creations

Guest blogger and friend Tessa Emily Hall shares about writing and how to keep it God-centered. If you write fiction or non-fiction (or if you paint, draw, sing, or serve God in any way), I hope you find inspiration and motivation to write and serve for a special purpose! Now from Tessa…

I first discovered my love to create when I was a toddler. Every time I was bored I would ask my mom, who was an art teacher, to lead me into a new craft. The stirring to create grew each time I completed a new project that consisted of finger-painting, play-dough, or even making a doll out of paper and stuffing it with napkins (my mom didn’t help me with that one ;)).

However, when I was three, my desire to make crafts transformed into a new desire to create stories when my mom suggested that I write a book. I began filling pages and pages with illustrations, dictating my stories to her.

That drive to create never faded. ... 



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Daddy's Got This

By Tessa Emily Hall

Tessa is one of my best writing friends. She is a writer of enchanting characters, charm and wit, and heart transformation. I met her four years ago at a writers conference, and we have seen our first books published at about the same time. I am privileged to share the writing journey with her. Tessa’s award-winning book and blog are inspiring, and today I gladly share with you this guest post.

Imagine there is a kid who is from a wealthy family. He has no reason to fret over where his next meal will come from because his father has all the money necessary to provide for his son. But for some reason, this child spends all day worrying over just that! He even starts agonizing over how he will have enough money for college when he gets older.

Doesn’t that sound silly? A kid should be spending their days enjoying their childhood and being thankful for what they do have—especially one who is from a family of means.  

And yet, as silly as that sounds, that is exactly what many of us do every day. ...



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