A ship caught in a storm in the open sea
Application of Scripture

Application – When You Sail into a Storm

Read Acts 27, and take courage from Scripture itself and the application below.

Ch. 27: When you sail into the middle of a storm with someone who won’t be warned against impending danger and loss, remember God.

v.1-8      Sometimes “contrary winds” hinder the intended progress on our journey for God.

v.9-12    The advice that we listen to in these situations, needs to be from God.

v.13-17  Don’t let temporarily favorable circumstances, lure you to action that will cause you difficulty and fear, and drive you off course.

v.18-19  Lighten your load, if needed.

v.20       Don’t let circumstances, no matter how severe, ever cause you to give up hope.

v.21-26  Listen to God as He tells you, “Do not be afraid,” and take heart in your circumstances.

v.27-32  When you’re afraid that you may “run aground,” drop your anchors and pray.

v.33-38  In the midst of a prolonged storm, it’s important to stay spiritually nourished for survival.

v.39-44  When disaster looks like it could bring everything to an end, count on God and His assurances that things will turn out well.

*This excerpt comes from Beebe Kauffman, A Whole Lot of Wonderful—Application of the New Testament for Today (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, 2018), 251-252.  

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