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Bits of Wisdom

Bits of Wisdom – Crushproof

“As we forgive” (Matthew 6:12 NKJV)

Forgive the wrongs and offenses that people do to you, and become more “crushproof.”

Don’t pick up the heavy baggage of wrongs done to you and carry it with you through life. Don’t let wrongs clutter your mind and heart with difficult things to bear. Don’t let them bend you out of shape, wear you down, or wear you out.

Deal with wrongs as God wants you to. Refuse to let them detach you from practicing Godliness in attitudes, words, or actions. Continue faithfully along the path that God marks out for you, and don’t take any detours because of offenses. Forgive, and retain your spiritual energy and readiness to do all the wonderful things that God has for you.

Declare with forgiveness: no thieves allowed. Refuse to let wrongs drain your mind, heart, and time. Forgive, and be more crushproof.


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