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Bits of Wisdom – Reacting to Difficult People

A teacher once shared a way to overcome the fear of speaking in front of people, and it works for handling difficult people, too. Look at them with God’s love. If we stop long enough to consider how much God loves a person who causes trouble, patience and grace can ease irritation and angst.

Jesus didn’t die for just the people who get along with everyone, or for the ones who say the right thing at the right time. He died for those who speak without thinking, for the ones who get focused on a problem so much that they can’t see a solution, and for the ones who blow up at the slightest mistake.

He loves each of us, all of us. And He strives for the soul of each person He has created so we all may know Him. No one is shut out of God’s love. No one. Aren’t we grateful that includes us?

Seeing someone through God’s eyes helps us to remember their worth—a creation of God and someone Jesus died for. Keeping this mindset releases some steam. Instead of replaying our conversations with a difficult person in our minds again and again, we can ask God how to affirm their value and respond to them in a Christlike way.

– Katy Kauffman, Heart Renovation

*This post is an excerpt from Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, 2018), 105.

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  • Felicia Harris-Russell

    Love this — “No one is shut out of God’s love”. Soooo true, and I am so THANKFUL for it!!

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