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Definitions & Insights

Definitions & Insights – The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes and Their Blessings

v.3 the poor in spirit … have knowledge of God: poor – humble, holding fast to reality

v.4 those who mourn … will be comforted: mourn – take sin seriously and turn from it

v.5 the meek … will inherit the land: meek – accepting God’s will with grace

v.6 those who hunger and thirst for righteousness … filled: hunger … – craves righteousness, aspires to be and to do right

v.7 the merciful … shall obtain mercy: merciful – empathizes, understands, cuts people slack

v.8 the pure in heart … shall see God: pure in heart – loves God above other things, loves what is good and does it

v.9 peacemakers … shall be called sons of God: peacemakers – desires to see good relationships, ministers with that in mind

v.10 those who are persecuted for righteousness … kingdom of heaven: persecuted – takes a stand for God and for good, and takes its consequences if need be

v.11-12 those who are persecuted for My sake … great reward

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