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Lists – 10 Resources God Gives Every Believer

by Katy Kauffman

God calls His children to be soldiers of light and bearers of truth. We are witnesses of the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. When you feel like giving up as you try to live for God in a secular world, when there are too many obstacles, or when your doubts start to crowd out your faith, remember that God has provided you with resources for victory. They are available to anyone walking with God, and we can use them as we seek to make a difference.

All of the resources below can be found in 2 Timothy Chapter 1, and the verse number is beside each resource of Christian life and ministry.

10 Resources God Gives Every Believer from 2 Timothy Chapter 1:

  1. Grace (v.2) – Draw from the storehouse of God’s resources as you live for Him, and tap into the ability He supplies to do what He calls you to.
  2. Mercy (v.2) – Let God’s love for you and for the world inspire you to serve others with compassion and to share about the merciful God who saves, heals, and rescues us.
  3. Peace (v.2) – Join your heart to God’s, and let a closeness to Him bring an inner strength and an indescribable calmness to your heart.
  4. Genuine Faith (v.5) – Use your faith in God to battle doubts, fears, and other obstacles.
  5. The Gift of God within You (v.6) – Fan to white hot heat the gift of God within you, so that you’re drawing from the Holy Spirit’s power to make a difference.
  6. A Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind (v.7) – Overcome a spirit of fear with the power of God that parts seas and moves mountains, with the love of God that defeats apathy and indifference, and with the truth of God that identifies lies and changes lives.
  7. God Himself (v.12) – Depend on God to make your work count for eternity. Entrust the results of your hard work to Him.
  8. Sound Words (v.13) – Draw from Scripture the words, principles, and stories that will conform your heart to Christ’s character.  
  9. Faith and Love in Christ (v.13) – Believe in the mission God has given you, and let His love carry you through challenges and motivate you to persevere.
  10. People Who Refresh Us (v.16) – As Paul was refreshed by a friend who diligently sought him out, be refreshed by the people God has given you to know and to love.

God arms His spiritual soldiers with what we need to fight the good fight and to make His hope and love known to the world. Depend on Him, and remember God stands with you and strengthens you for the work (2 Timothy 4:17).

Which resource do you need right now? Tell us in the comments, and may God provide everything you need.

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