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Lists – Death to the Self-Life

The Gospel of John talks about many wonderful realities. One of the themes that runs through the chapters, is a contrast between the self-life—the life that we live for self—and the life that we have by faith in God’s Son—the life that we live for God and with Him.

It begins with Chapter 12 in a celebration of the life we can have with God, and a preparation to die to the old life that we live in bondage to sin.

John Ch. 12  Celebration of Life, Preparation for Death

John Ch. 13  death to self-love, alive to loving God and others

John Ch. 14  death to self-trust, alive to trusting God

John Ch. 15  death to self-life, alive to God’s life within us

John Ch. 16  death to keeping pace with the world and seeking its approval, alive to the victory with which Jesus has overcome the world

John Ch. 17  death to isolation and independence, alive to the oneness that God develops with us and Him and others

John Ch. 18  death to self-protection and self-preservation at all costs, alive to the depth of love that lays down its life for others

John Ch. 19  death to the power of sin and all that stands in the way of our knowing God intimately and doing His will, alive to fulfilling that for which we were born

John Ch. 20  death to separation from God and the sorrow, confusion, and fear that come from it; alive to the joy and peace we have in Jesus Christ

John Ch. 21  death to lives that only count for one lifetime, alive to the fellowship and power of God and a lifetime that counts for eternity

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