Lists – Establish Boundaries around the Health of Your Soul

Establish boundaries around the health of your soul.

Establish mental and emotional boundaries to guard your heart from injury and from being unnecessarily crushed.
Establish boundaries that stop mean or thoughtless words or actions from having an undue influence.
Don’t give anyone and everyone power to wound you.
Know who you are in Christ, know what areas of life are your jurisdiction and God’s, and don’t let there be a stronger influence in those areas than God’s.
Establish as the sentries of your soul’s health, God, His love, His truth, and His ways, and don’t accede to anyone else usurping His place.

Establish boundaries around the health of your soul with the truth.
You are a beloved of God.
You have a significant contribution to make to those around you.
You are a valuable person.
God will help you.
In Christ, you are capable of contributing much good to others.
You don’t have to be changed for the worse by unGodly influences.
Others’ authority over you has its limits.
God’s protection over you has substance.
God will give your soul room (protection from wrong influences) to grow in Godliness and for a healthy self-image to blossom.
The fruit of your life can be significant “good works.”
You can possess an inner reality of peace, satisfaction, and joy.

Keep your heart and mind open to the adjustments that God recommends, not those of the world or the enemy, or those who don’t know the life’s path that God has for you.
Know who you are in Christ, and don’t let people mess with that.
Put up guards where you know your heart and mind are vulnerable.
Post three signs to keep out troubling thoughts.
“No parking” (no troubling thoughts or meditations).
“No fishing” (for weaknesses or old wounds).
“No littering” (no cluttering with thoughts that are not helpful or wise).

Establish boundaries around the health of your soul.


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