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Lists – God Changes Lives

How did life change for these people because God was working in their lives? Which ones apply to our lives today?

1. Even though Noah lived in a time of unprecedented evil, he was a righteous man, and God gave him work to do to help save mankind.

2. Abraham had enough faith to follow God wherever He led him, but not enough faith to believe that God could give him and his wife a child when they were past child-bearing age. But he saw the evidence for himself, and he grew to believe that God could do anything—even bring life out of death—so he withheld nothing from God. He became the friend of God and the father of all who believe.

3. Jacob was “redeemed from all evil.” (Genesis 48:16)

4. Hannah prayed, and she was given her heart’s desire.

5. Moses was afraid to speak for God, but he became God’s spokesman to Pharaoh.

6. Joseph was a victim of circumstances and jealousy, but he became a world leader and an authority through whom God saved His people.

7. As a shepherd, David was given the strength to stop the lion from killing his sheep. He was protected while his enemy hunted him. He was forgiven when he greatly sinned, and he paid a dear price for it. But he became the model of godly leadership among God’s people, and he led the army that conquered the enemies that plagued Israel.

8. Gideon doubted that he could do anything to help his people against their enemies. But with God, he became a mighty man of valor.

9. Even though Peter believed he had the courage to suffer anything for Christ, he denied Him three times. But later Peter became the preacher of Pentecost when 3000 souls were added to the church.

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