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Lists – God Is Working in Our Lives

What is God doing in our lives today?

He shares daily life with us.

He is being a good and loving Father to us.

He provides love, good, and care that will not be taken away.

He continues to be our Shepherd, Guide, Comforter, Helper, and so on.

He is healing, rescuing, and restoring our souls.

He relieves burdens, confusion, sorrow, uncertainty, coldness, and weariness.

He helps us to think straight.

He supplies what is missing and builds wholeness into our souls.

He leads our thoughts in prayer and enriches them. He paints our perspective for the day with brightness and color.

He brings us into meaningful relationships and sets us within a forever family.

He answers our questions and provides solutions for our problems.

He sets our aspirations high and helps us to achieve them.

He has taken up permanent residence in our hearts, and given us a place all our own, in His.

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