Two puzzle hearts fitting together

Lists – Hold Your Soul Close to God

Guard your soul from accepting any greater influence than God’s. The influence of evil will hold our souls close to those things which will dry them out, weigh them down, wear them out, and swallow them in hopelessness or meanness.

So hold your soul close to God. How?

Do what it takes to build and guard a close personal relationship with Him.

  1. Keep God as your first priority and your first love.
  2. Adopt the thinking patterns and reasoning processes that He leads you into.
  3. Do life from a reality of “with God.”
  4. Refresh your soul in alone time with Him.
  5. Talk to Him, listen to Him, ask Him, and act on what He says.
  6. Factor God in to your situations, circumstances, and relationships.
  7. Progress in the assignments that He gives you, concerning the things that are dear to His heart.

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