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Lists – Live by Faith

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 ESV)

How, then, do people of faith live?  (based on Hebrews Ch. 11)


v.6       knows that God exists, and diligently seeks Him

v.7       is moved to action by Godly fear

v.7       works in the seen realm in anticipation of the unseen

v.8       obeys God

v.8       follows God’s leading to an unknown place

(v.9      waits for God’s timing)

v.11     judges God faithful to effect the physically impossible

v.13     is assured of receiving God’s promises, as having seen them

v.13     lives on the earth as a pilgrim

v.15     desired what God has in store, more than what is or was possessed

v.16     desires the home that God has prepared

v.17     withholds nothing from God

v.19     concludes that God is able to bring life out of death

v.20-22  counts on blessings to come for future generations

v.23     overcomes fear

v.23-26  has a discerning value system

v.24-26  refuses earthly position and power, sin, and earthly treasure

v.27     forsakes “Egypt”

v.27     endures as seeing Him who is invisible

v.28-29  accepts God’s plan and provision to escape death and one’s enemies

v.29     walks in the provision of God’s miracles

v.30-31  follows God’s instructions and witnesses His victory

v.33-35a  overcomes: opposing authorities and powers, sin, violence, weakness, and death

v.35b-38  counts the price as worth it

v.39-40    is steadfast

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