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Lists – Our Progression of Belief: God’s Role, Our Role

God’s role in our progression of belief    (John 9, the man born blind)

  • v.1-7    God acts on our behalf.
  • v.5       He tells us what is true (gives us spiritual sight and spiritual light).
  • v.7       He asks for our obedience, our positive response to Him.
  • v.7       He gives us personal evidence to hold onto.
  • v.16,17,24-25,31-33  He helps us to reason through who God really is, in the light of the personal evidence He has given us.
  • v.35     He comes to find us to lead us to personal faith in Himself.
  • v.37     He lets us “see” Him, and He talks to us personally.

Our role in the progression of belief

  • To obey (act on what we hear)
  • To respond to the personal evidence that God gives us
  • To respond to the truth about Jesus
  • To believe in Jesus
  • To worship Him

Then he said, “Lord, I believe!” (John 9:38 NKJV)

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